Tax Refund burning a hole in your wallet? It’s time to consider LASIK

Now that Uncle Sam is paying you back, put that money to great use with LASIK eye surgery. LASIK continues to be one of the most successful operations performed today. When you combine advanced technology and an experienced surgeon, the results are fantastic!

At Aurora LASIK, in the first four months of operation with our new WaveLight Laser, our results are much better than expected. More than 95% of our patients are seeing 20/20. Better yet, over 60% are seeing 20/15! Many patients have expressed that they are seeing better than they ever had with glasses or contact lenses.

The reason our laser is so much more accurate is due to the speed and accuracy of treatment. The WaveLight Laser treats patients in 1/5 the time of my previous VISX laser. That means you don’t have to hold your eyes still for very long. But, even if you do move a little bit, the laser has the fastest and most accurate eye tracker available. It measures your eye 1050 times per second! Since the laser treats at “only” 500 times per second, the laser measures where the next pulse should be delivered 2 times per pulse. Sounds like the fastest example of “measure twice, cut once!” (But don’t worry, the procedure is completely blade-less!)

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