Contoura LASIK Comes to Washington!

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Contoura LASIK Comes to Washington!

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The latest advancement in LASIK surgery has come to Lacey, Washington. Aurora LASIK is the first center in the Northwest to introduce Contoura topography-guided LASIK. This technology has been used in Europe for over 13 years. However, Contoura LASIK was only approved in the U.S. in late 2016. As our friends outside the U.S. have discovered, topography-guided LASIK offers unparalleled vision results.

Contoura LASIK was developed to fine-tune the already successful vision correction achieved with wavefront-optimized technology. With the advanced diagnostic testing offered by Contoura, the laser can be used to treat irregularities in the cornea that were often left uncorrected. These irregularities, also known as higher-order aberrations, could cause glare and nighttime vision difficulties. In the FDA studies that led to Contoura’s approval, patients achieved outstanding quality of vision, leading 98% of them to say they would recommend having the procedure.

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