Reclaim your vision with Aurora LASIK’s Wavelight Refractive Suite

I don’t know about you, but one of the things I enjoy most about living in the Northwest is the beauty and variety of our natural surroundings.

And one of the things I hear most when people come in for an eye exam is how much they hate dealing with glasses and contacts when heading outdoors. Rain on glasses when cycling, scratchy dust on contacts when hiking, or simply not being able to see clearly without glasses or contacts when looking into the distance.

That’s why I’m so excited about the many options now available for people who are nearsighted and want to see their world more clearly.

Aurora LASIK’s blade-free LASIK can be a life-changer for you. We’ve got the most advanced LASIK technology in Washington state — the Wavelight Refractive Suite. In fact it’s the only Wavelight Refractive Suite in Washington state, and it’s right here in Thurston County.

During my 15 years as an eye doctor and surgeon, I’ve performed thousands of successful LASIK procedures for those who are nearsighted, farsighted and even those who struggle with astigmatism. The outcomes with the Wavelight Suite are amazing!

All procedures and follow-up visits are done right here, in Lacey. That means you don’t have to make multiple trips north on gridlocked freeways.

I feel so good about our ability to improve your vision, I back each of our LASIK procedures with my Lifetime Enhancement Policy, to give you peace of mind into the future.

If you’re interested in dramatically improving your vision (and losing your glasses or contacts), give us a call today at 360.459.LASIK to schedule a free consultation.

Or attend one of our monthly seminars, where you could win $1,000 off your LASIK procedure. I look forward to meeting you!