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I don’t think there are enough positive things I can say about my experience at Aurora Lasik. I’ve been thinking about having Lasik off and on for over 15 years and finally decided I was ready to pull the trigger. I called a few different Lasik clinics in the area and was immediately impressed by the customer service I got from Lacie and decided to go in for a consultation. My experience just continued to get better and better. Any time you’re talking about surgery on your eye, it can be a bit of a stressful experience. From start to finish the staff was incredibly attentive, helpful and supportive. The actual Lasik operation was painless, quick and, again, the staff was so amazing. Aurora wasn’t the cheapest option in town but they use the most cutting edge technology, employ a superb staff, and Dr. Rudd is everything you could possibly ask for in a Dr. If you can’t tell, there aren’t enough positive things I can say about my experience at Aurora. I had my surgery just over 24 hours ago and I’m currently enjoying 20/20 to 20/15 vision. Having the surgery, and having it at Aurora, was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made.

Andrew Rig

I have been wearing glasses or contacts since my sophomore year of high school, now into my later 20s I finally decided to go ahead and have LASIK. Dr. Rudd did an amazing job, and although my vision wasn’t as bad as some- now it’s better than most at 20/15. He made me feel so comfortable during the procedure itself, before and after. Which for someone with anxiety issues about medical stuff is quite a feat. He even called the same night to see how I was doing! How many doctors can you say call their patients the same day just to check on them? I am so glad that I finally had this done and am now seeing clearer than I ever have!! I would highly recommend Dr. Rudd and Aurora Lasik to anyone thinking about refractive surgery!

Laura Crocker

Dr. Rudd and the Aurora staff are incredibly friendly and welcoming. Most of my life was spent either in glasses or contacts and now being able to see with just my eyes is amazing. It’s a blessing in fact. The procedure was painless and incredibly quick. LASIK and Dr. Rudd have changed my life, don’t hesitate to give them a call, you won’t regret it!

Radric M.

What an amazing procedure! I made the choice to get corrective surgery and continue to recommend Aurora and Dr. Rudd when my friends inquire. The process was simple and fast. I have a newfound freedom of waking up without the handicap of vision impairment. Dr. Rudd was amazing and eliminated my rocky relationship with contacts and glasses. I no longer need to find my glasses or manage contacts — I can see now everyday from the moment I wake up.

Kellen Riley

I recently got to a point in my life where I was tired of stumbling around in the middle of the night, waking up with my contacts plastered to my eyes when I would accidentally fall asleep with them in, and just sick of not being able to see without assistance. I made up my mind that it was time for LASIK! I reached out to all the people I knew who had had corrective eye surgery and was met with an overwhelming support for Dr. Rudd… and let me tell you, he is fantastic! Not only did he correct my terrible vision, but he is a kind and thoughtful person who talked me through the whole procedure and made me feel safe. Every day I wake up to a clear room feels like a miracle. To anyone considering such a life changing decision, I would absolutely recommend Dr. Rudd. He really is the best, and he changed my life!

Ely Pisco

As a long time family physician in Olympia, I turned to Dr. Rudd when it came time to get my LASIK surgery. Despite my years in medicine the thought of someone operating on my eyes was quite unnerving. I wanted someone I knew and could trust. Dr. Rudd’s warm outgoing bedside manner, combined with his professional attitude, was a great combination and very reassuring.

His clinic is run impeccably. The staff were helpful, friendly, and paid great attention to detail in all phases of my treatment. Despite my fear, the surgery was simple and painless with local anesthesia only. My recovery was rapid with only minimal irritation. Thanks to Dr. Rudd and his clinic, they were able to make something I was dreading into a very simple and reassuring experience.

Sean T. Atteridge D.O.

I was hesitant when I went in for my laser eye surgery consult, because just the thought can be a little scary. But right from the start, my whole experience was amazing. What I appreciated the most was I was not bounced around between a lot of people. I always saw Craig and Dr. Rudd, not a different person every time. To me, that made me feel the most at ease, knowing if I had a question or concern, I could email Craig and he would answer my questions. I was also amazed that the night of my surgery, Dr. Rudd himself called me to see how I was doing and get a follow-up once I was home. I really feel that the team there cared deeply for my well-being throughout the whole procedure. Without a doubt, I would recommend Aurora LASIK for anyone who is interested in laser eye surgery!

Tasha Coumbs

I received an implantable lens as an alternative to Lasik surgery.  Dr. Rudd and his team provided excellent support and care throughout the process.  The surgery changed my life; my vision is now better than 20/20 and I no longer have to deal with contacts.

Chase Anderson

I wore glasses and contacts for almost 15 years before I decided it was time to get Lasik. It was something I thought for several years before I decided to commit. I had a lot of questions about everything from the cost of the procedure to how safe it really was so I did a lot of research about different organizations before I finally decided to go with Dr. Rudd. I am so happy I made that choice! Dr. Rudd and Craig were very friendly and took the time to patiently answer all of my questions and help me feel confident about my decision. That was just over a year ago and I love the results! I decided to go with PRK because I spend a lot of time outside for work and fun and Dr. Rudd explained to me that even though PRK has a longer recovery time it would be better for me and my lifestyle in the long run. The difference has been amazing! It is so nice to not have to wear contacts when swimming or not have to worry about packing extra contacts and glasses when backpacking. It has been a wonderful experience and I highly recommend Dr. Rudd to anyone who is thinking about Lasik!

Thanks for everything!

Jennifer Storvick

I am a bit of a perfectionist and don’t often write reviews. However, based on my experience with Dr. Rudd and the staff at Aurora Lasik I had to make an exception. Dr. Rudd is meticulous in his work and strives for nothing less than perfect results. The procedure was fast and pain free and my results are fantastic. My vision was very poor and I have been a slave to glasses my entire life. Now at age 50, my vision is 20/20, better than it has ever been. To be able to wake up and see an alarm clock, my children’s photos across the room or drive without glasses is nothing short of incredible. Dr. Rudd and his staff receive nothing but my highest recommendation. If you are considering laser vision correction, put your trust in Dr. Rudd and the Aurora Team.

Frank Marzella, PE
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