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I’m very excited to bring the WaveLight Refractive Suite to the Lacey area.
This industry-leading technology will greatly enhance the LASIK experience and outcomes for my patients.

– Jay Rudd, M.D.


Wouldn’t it be great to wake up in the morning and not have to fumble around for your glasses to see your alarm clock? Bike rides, your kids’ soccer games, brilliant sunsets and starry nights. Seeing them more clearly is closer than ever with blade-free LASIK from Aurora LASIK.

At Aurora LASIK we provide our patients with the very latest technologies for vision improvement, including the most advanced LASIK suite available in the United States—the Alcon WaveLight Refractive Suite.

The WaveLight Refractive Suite is a laser platform, offering a more advanced eye tracking system to help improve the precision of laser treatments. This allows Dr. Rudd to perform state-of-the-art, 100% blade-free LASIK, on a wider range of patients. And for the first time, blade-free LASIK surgery is now available at our new surgery center in Lacey.

LASIK is a safe and effective surgical treatment that reshapes your cornea—the transparent membrane that arcs over your pupil and iris—to refract (bend) light rays to focus more precisely on your retina. And with our Alcon WaveLight Refractive Suite, you have the very best LASIK technology available to deliver clearer vision.

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During the LASIK procedure, the Wavelight FS200 femtosecond laser creates microscopic air bubbles to separate corneal tissue and make a thin, precise flap. This method replaces the traditional metal blade technique. Creating a flap with femtosecond laser technology has significantly improved the safety, accuracy and recovery times of LASIK over a bladed LASIK procedure.

Next, the flap is gently lifted to expose the underlying cornea layer, to be shaped according to each patient’s unique profile using the WaveLight EX500’s PerfectPulse Technology. With this advanced mapping Dr. Rudd can achieve highly precise treatments that are less likely to be influenced by small movements of a patient’s eye.

The result for most patients is outstanding vision and freedom from glasses and contact lenses.

The LASIK procedure has become much safer. We have nearly eliminated the risks associated with flap creation.
I can’t imagine performing LASIK without the femtosecond laser.

– Jay Rudd, M.D.


If we’ve established that you’re likely a good candidate for laser vision correction, you’ll be scheduled to return for a more detailed, dilated eye exam to determine the overall health of your eyes. Several diagnostic devices will measure your eyes to help us determine which LASIK treatment would be best for you. Options include the Wavefront Optimized or Topography guided treatments, giving you a truly customized result that is far superior to the typical bargain-basement LASIK procedures you may see advertised.

During this appointment you’ll also meet with Dr. Rudd, a fellowship-trained cornea and refractive surgery specialist, who will review the benefits and risks of the procedure and answer any questions you may have.

After this visit, the only thing standing between you and clearer vision without glasses or contacts is scheduling a date for surgery.

Blade-free LASIK takes 15 minutes or less to perform. Using state-of-the-art technology in a clean, environmentally-controlled procedure room, Dr. Rudd reshapes your cornea to correct the refractive imperfections in your eye that result in poor vision.

To help you comfortably relax during your LASIK procedure, Dr. Rudd will prescribe a dose of Valium. Dr. Rudd will also apply drops that will numb your eye, making the procedure comfortable.

Creation of the corneal flap.

After numbing drops are applied, a thin segment of the outer layer of the cornea is created and folded back to allow access to the underlying corneal tissue. This step is performed with the WaveLight FS200 femtosecond laser.

Reshaping of the corneal tissue.

We us the WaveLight EX500 excimer laser with PerfectPulse technology to re-shape the underlying corneal tissue to correct any irregularities. Dr. Jay RUdd performs several pre-operative assessments to determine what type of excimer laser program to perform, based on your unique vision and eye characteristics. He customizes every step of the treatment plan to your individual needs.

Replacement of the corneal flap.

The flap is then folded back into place where it begins to heal and bond quickly. Using a non-bladed, laser incision makes rapid healing possible.


Following your LASIK procedure, you will rest in a recovery room until you feel comfortable heading home with your driver, usually within a half hour or so. Most patients are able to return to work and drive themselves the day following the surgery. Please note that, while your vision will be largely improved immediately following the procedure, it will take a few days to several weeks of healing for your vision to settle to its final state.

If you’re tired of wearing glasses or contacts, you owe it to yourself to find out if clear vision is a possibility for you. Call Aurora LASIK at (844) 744.2020 to schedule your no-obligation complimentary LASIK screening today.

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Anesthetic eye drops make the LASIK procedure comfortable. At most, you may feel a sensation of pressure. After the eye drops wear off following the procedure, you will experience mild discomfort such as scratchiness, watering, light sensitivity or a sensation of something in your eyes. Over-the-counter pain relievers (and a good nap) will remedy these mild symptoms, which typically subside within 4 to 5 hours.

Depending on your occupation, you may be able to return to work within 24-48 hours. We ask that you have someone drive you home after your procedure so you can rest your eyes—even though you will experience some vision improvement immediately after the procedure. Most patients see better the next morning and are able to drive.

When performed by a trained and experienced surgeon, LASIK is considered very safe. However, there are potential risks as there would be with any type of surgery.

LASIK risks can include:

  • Need for glasses or contacts
  • Severe dry eye syndrome
  • Starbursts
  • Halos
  • Vision loss (in very rare cases)
  • Traumatic flap dislocation
  • Infection and scarring

Most patients achieve 20/20 or better vision after LASIK. And while this outcome is often sustained for many years, some patients may still need glasses after the procedure. Aurora LASIK procedures are backed by Dr. Rudd’s Lifetime Enhancement Policy.*

LASIK has provided clearer vision to millions of patients. However, you can still develop other vision conditions related to aging or eye disease (i.e. cataracts and macular degeneration) that may limit your vision in the future. And then there is presbyopia. As you age, your eye lens becomes less flexible, making it difficult to read things up-close. Some excellent options to correct presbyopia are available as part of your LASIK surgery. Ask Dr. Rudd about them during your evaluation.

The only way to know for sure if your eyes are right for LASIK is by scheduling a LASIK evaluation with an experienced ophthalmologist like Dr. Rudd. He will check your eye measurements and analyze your eye health to identify any conditions that may interfere with healing.

Here are some general criteria for good LASIK candidates:

  • At least 20 years of age
  • Stable vision prescription for at least one year
  • Good eye health
  • No health issues that may affect your eyes
  • Tired of wearing glasses or contact lenses

Not every patient has the right vision characteristics or corneal thickness to support LASIK. The good news is that there are other options that may produce the same end result as LASIK.

We could talk about your eyes all day. Seriously.

If you have more questions about LASIK that aren’t addressed here, we’re happy to help. Give us a call today at (844) 744.2020 to schedule a complimentary LASIK screening consultation to better understand this life-changing procedure.

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